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genre Rock
album Olden
label Daruma Records
Olden is an Italian singer, who has been songwriter since childhood. After some experiences as the singer of several Pop/Rock bands in Italy, hes back with his first solo album, produced by Daruma Records.
His musical influences are, specially, the Beatles and the British Pop/Rock music of the sixties-seventies (David Bowie, Nick Drake) and the most actual (Radiohead, Pulp, Travis).

Barcelona has been the stage that launched him into this new adventure, where he accompanies his voice with piano and guitar singing in English, the language he feels closest to his musical sensitivity.

Olden is about sincere stories, melancholic, sweet, irate, on a colorful landscape of rock guitars and entangled arrangements, always shining with a voice of hope.

The past comes to live with the present and the future, in a one-dimensional reality made of dreams, memories and feelings.
Olden is waiting for you, welcome!
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