"Rock My Soul"
: l y r i c s :
Com ON Baby, Com On Baby, dance with me... Light my fuse and see what I'll do... Shahe it Baby, Shake it Baby, from head to toe... Rock My Soul till my eyeballs roll... Feel the beat till it moves my feet... (1st) Com on Joe let's go we gotta get primed... The night is young and we're standing in line... What's happenning now? the babes look so fine... It's truth or dare, time to share... I'm a party slave, Com on let's rave... The music's getting louder helping my attitude... That funky bass... it's really rude... Axe is so heavy, quite an organ dude... I'm down with it, the mosh pits... Check'n those moves, experience grooves...(repeat-CHORUS-solo) Chicks are like presents, so fun to unwrap... Silk silhoutees, always adapt... The choice is yours now it's in your lap... Check her curves, gently observe... Those long legs, really can beg... Here I am, under the crystal ball... Those spinning lights, at my beck and call... I'm a danc'n fool, I give it my all... Tell me the score and I'll give some more... You could be alright for at least tonight...(-CHORUS-)
CY_BER_ROCK Computer enhanced/ produced songs with streamlined vocals using mind expanding lyrics... entertaining listeners to a new level of rock apreciation.... Hi I'm Austin Miller a One Man Band named "Austn" from the Seattle area, born-n-raised in Kansas-Colorado, I grew up as a teenager in Bothell, just north of the Seattle area in the Great Pacific Northwest. I'm a songwriter/producer/ performer who has played with/in many bands previously- Whiteheart, Emotion, Dave and the Waves. The guitar has always been my main instrument but I play anything I don't have to blow into and enjoy experimenting with sounds and ideas. These are songs that I have just produced for my CDs- "GREY" and "FACE THE MUSIC" ... I am presently working on new and exciting projects to follow.