"A Spy"
: l y r i c s :
A SPY-Im a spy, I cant lie,You are the only one I desire, you set my heart on fire,Admittedly I am obsessed, I truly now must confess,I dream and lust for your love, you cant do too much ,I will do anything just to give you a diamond ring,You are my ultimate, my true fate, you can never ever escape,Im spying on you, know what you do ,Your darkest secrets and deepest regrets,The color of your car you drove to far, How full is your tank, money in the bank, Your license plate, where, and what you ate,Credit card accounts, favorite get arounds , you lie awake, for goodness sake Your e-mail address, buddies, chats and guests,What floats your boat and gets your goat ,You are my ultimate, you can never ever escape, Run, run, run, Im gonna get ya, someday, Im a spy, I cant lie,
CY_BER_ROCK Computer enhanced/ produced songs with streamlined vocals using mind expanding lyrics... entertaining listeners to a new level of rock apreciation.... Hi I'm Austin Miller a One Man Band named "Austn" from the Seattle area, born-n-raised in Kansas-Colorado, I grew up as a teenager in Bothell, just north of the Seattle area in the Great Pacific Northwest. I'm a songwriter/producer/ performer who has played with/in many bands previously- Whiteheart, Emotion, Dave and the Waves. The guitar has always been my main instrument but I play anything I don't have to blow into and enjoy experimenting with sounds and ideas. These are songs that I have just produced for my CDs- "GREY" and "FACE THE MUSIC" ... I am presently working on new and exciting projects to follow.