"The Other"
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The Other

She loves your brother
And hes just an ordinary guy
She loves no other
And you just stand wonder why
No way to save her shes on her way
Evasive behaviour, do you want
To come and play with me...
Cause me Im the other
Me.. Im the other

You must discover
That she thinks she needs your brothers love
Im the other
And Ill win her heart with one more shove
Yeah shes distant, shes distant from everything
Watching to see what the day will bring
When she comes to play with me
Cause me Im the other
Me Im the other

I dont want to stand in her way
I think that she needs me today
I want her to come and play
Hope she comes to play with me
Cause me Im the other
Me Im the other

Nobody knows what the day will bring
Hope she listens to me and the song I sing
When she comes to play with me
Cause me Im the other
Me Im the other

MWB is a concept developed out of pure necessity. PROBLEM - Between people working, lack of practice rooms, members not agreeing and a host of other problems, I’ve never seemed to be able to get to the end of a project - ANSWER? Do it yourself!

The songs that are posted are from my new CD Listen… don’t just hear. I like to think of it as rock music for the adult listener – not that I’m knockin’ today’s grooves - I just feel that a whole group of listeners is being ignored by the industry. When I was growing up the “generation gap” was much wider than it is today. My parents thought that my listening music was weird at best. I, on the other hand think that the music that my kids hear is okay. The music of today is cool, although I feel that guitar solos shouldn’t just be reserved for metal tunes.

Rock was born out of guitar but the guitar has somehow been forgotten, causing rock to mutate into a form of pop. NOT ACCEPTABLE!! There is more than enough room for a few good riffs in the three and a half minute song.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tunes. Moreover, don’t forget to LISTEN…don’t just hear... KC
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