"To Those Who've Come Before"
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This is a song I wrote from the perspective of someone in the future looking back at us right now.
Wesley Krauss
Wesley Krauss
I started writing and recording songs in grade 6 while I had a broken arm and was bored cause I couldn't go to school. This has turned into a true hobby for me. I grew up in Coquitlam B.C. and am currently attending University. My music is heavily influenced by the 80's although now that I am getting into newer stuff too this things are changing. I attended Port Moody Secondary School where I was in rock school and got to form bands and perform! This is where I was able to grow as a perfomer. I play the drums, keyboards, and the guitar. I try to write orginal, creative, and meaningful songs, and have since grade 6, written over 170 songs and recorded over 140 of them! As I person I am concerned with the world at large and many social, environmental problems. This influences my songwriting, as well as does my personal life and experiences! I hope you enjoy my stuff!