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Chevy 64s     Rate This Song !   Current Rating:5 03:40
Chevy 64s
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genre Abstract
album Doin' Me Album 2007
label DOIN' ME ENT.
credits DOIN' ME CLICK
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genre Rhythm & Blues
album Doin' Me MixTape 2007
label Doin' Me Ent.
credits Produced by the Doin' Me Click
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genre Abstract
album Welcome 2 My Hood
label Unsigned
know everyone is wondering “Who are these guys!” Well here it is. The Doin’ Me Crew kind of came together on the training grounds Mississippi’s own NAS Meridian. This being the first meeting these individuals didn’t know there full potential. The Final meeting took place at a Marine Base in North Carolina. Thus forming the sound of Doing Me. The name “ Doing Me” basically shows the groups ability to show their own style and bring something different to the table. The members of the group include “MURDA RELL” this artist originated from Chi City, blazing the tracks leaving a trail of smoke for stage to stage. “Q” the Baton Rouge beast keeping the Mic on FIRE and Me “KG” The Louisiana Boy that know no bounds. DOIN’ ME ENT. “Coming to your Hood Soon.”

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