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Real Breezy UnOfficial Remix     Rate This Song !   Current Rating:0 02:10
Real Breezy UnOfficial Remix
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genre Rhythm & Blues
album Musical Bigotry...
What's Good?
Why is there being a ceiling placed on the mind when it
comes to thinking,dreaming,and having a passion for something?Why are
people afraid to express themselves for fear of public opinion?Why are
there people that would rather follow than lead?Why is it easier for
individuals to talk all day but never put a foot forward to do anything in
reference to what they have been chirping about? Well that's not ya
boy.My ultimate goal is to assist in being the "Voice of Reason" for all
those that have muted themselves.For I Mr. MiCheCk1.2. have increased the
volume in an effort to be heard by all those who act as if they have an
ear infection by listening to alot of bullshit but no realshit that
someone can actually relate to.For those that are wondering ,that is where
my drive,passion,motivation,and determination originated for the music
I disclose to you.Why? Because MindsRLeathL

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